‘The Why’ with Gather & Graze

There’s no better way to start a Monday than showcasing an amazing local business in our ‘The Why’ series! This week we are spotlighting Gather & Graze which is a delicious charcuterie board company located right here in Frisco, Texas.…

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Remi’s Nursery


Prepping for Pregnancy

Happy Tuesday! Over the past several months I’ve received tons of questions about if I was going to be doing…

Vacationing at Hyatt Hill Country

This year has been one for the books! I’m sure everyone can agree that we will NEVER forget 2020. However,…


Breshell had an interesting start to blogging. She went graduated from the University of Oklahoma with a Bachelors of Science in Health Care administration. Upon graduation she became a radio host of her own talk show called ‘The Good News’ on KVGI Radio where she interviewed countless celebrities on a weekly basis. She has had the opportunity to walk in New York Fashion Week, appear in national commercials and work with many Fortune 500 companies personally with her blogging career. The success of her blogging career and radio show helped land her the position ‘Chief of Staff’ in a world renown digital marketing agency in Dallas. Breshell now resides in Frisco, Texas with her husband, fur baby and first baby on the way.​


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Happy National Hydration Day!

National Hydration Day was established in honor of late football coach, Victor Hawkins. Hawkins was a high school football coach, who began to worry about his players. He started noticing that many of them were missing practice time and suffering injuries due to the side effects of dehydration. (And if…