2020 ‘The Why’: Plush Dentistry

For 2020 it was really put on my heart to share not only amazing local businesses but also the ‘why’ behind them. I feel as though these are the stories that are normally not heard loud enough as we tend to focus just on the product instead of the person who made the amazing the product! So without further ado let me introduce you to our first story of 2020 featuring Dr. Ali (left) and Dr. K (right) of Plush Dentistry!

One of the things that I immediately noticed when entering Plush Dentistry was the fact that it didn’t look like a dentist office at all.

I mean….this place is BEAUTIFUL! 

After I got over the wow factor of the waiting room we all sat down to chat about how Plush Dentistry came to be. 

It was two years ago that they opened their doors here in the greatest city in America, Frisco, TX! Being located in The Offices at Starwood off of DNT and Lebanon makes it convenient for anyone to get to. When designing their own practice after leaving corporate dentistry, they really wanted to focus on one thing in particular: the patient. This is something that really stuck out to me as they were explaining how they only book one patient at a time to ensure that their patient’s needs are fully met. This dedicated effort means: 1) You don’t hear scary noises coming from the room next to you, leaving you traumatized, 2) The waiting room isn’t stuff and congested with crowds of people waiting for their appointment, and most importantly… 3) You actually have time to talk with a doctor giving you their undivided attention! These are all HUGE wins in my book! 

But fam… it gets better! When touring the suites (yes, SUITES!) I discovered that their dental chairs were actually massage chairs! HOW FREAKING COOL! 

On top of that, they also have everything you need to be relaxed including aroma therapy, noise cancelling headphones, a TV on the ceiling and even weighted blankets. 

Another big part of dentistry is the cleanliness of the office as well as their supplies. After all, they are sticking things in your mouth. Plush Dentistry takes such great pride in how well their sterilization process is that they actually put it on display! This experience, yes, experience is classy, clean AND comfortable!

Any time a company is willing to put a process on display speaks so highly to the quality and assurance that it is being done right. And fam, Plush Dentistry does it so well that a large part of their clientele is actually other dentists! 

Plush Dentistry is a full service dental practice which means very few cases have to be referred elsewhere. Full service also means that they see children AND adults! They even have the ability to block times on the weekend for families, and they have a children area in the waiting area to keep those little ones entertained.

Dr. K sees primarily children and women while Dr. Ali focuses more on the cosmetic side of the practice. When asked about their favorite part of the job, they both mentioned that they love seeing how much a smile can transform someones life. Whether this new smile comes from eliminating the pain, a fresh clean or even veneers it’s this new found confidence in one’s self that they love seeing from their patients. 

Dr. Ali and Dr. K also have a huge heart for the community. They have partnered with Frisco ISD to deliver FREE Dental Care to those that are in need but cannot afford it, as well as present dental health care programs to schools in Frisco + Allen to teach students the importance of maintaining oral health and it’s impact on overall health. 

It’s that blending of oral health to overall health that Dr. Ali and Dr. K excel at. From years of dentistry and continuing education they are continuously seeking ways to further promote a healthy lifestyle. Plush Dentistry’s approach is tailored around having a conversation with every patient about their oral health expectations and needs. They then go through an informative process to explain the reasons behind the proposed plan. “Oral health care is not just about visiting the dentist every 6 months to get work done. A prevention program is a vital, but often overlooked component of good oral health. At Plush Dentistry we focus on getting you on the right track with a tailored prevention program. ” – Dr. Ali.

This preventative approach also makes coming to the dentist an enjoyable experience vs one that is dreaded. Dr. K explained how she loves that their office is able to transform a dental phobic patient to someone who enjoys coming to the dentist.

If you are looking for a great dental practice for all your needs, I highly suggest checking out Plush Dentistry! From the moment you walk in you really do feel like family. Thank you so much Dr. Ali and Dr. K for partnering with us for “The Why’ series! 


I'm Breshell, a travel blogger based out of Frisco, Texas capturing family-friendly luxury travel around the city of Frisco and beyond!

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