*Before we start, let me preface everything with the fact that I am NOT a doctor. I just happen to be a total nerd who is rather daring when reading scientific studies and applying them myself. So everything that I’m going to list below are the rules that I live by because I have found them to actually work. Sooooo…Let’s get started!* 

It seems as though everyone on every corner is selling you the ‘quick fix to getting skinny’. I personally understand these struggles as it seems that before noon each day I am DM’d at least 2-3 times about some multilevel marketing health platform asking me to promote their products. However, I’m personally not looking to loose weight and 100000% believe that if I took a brand deal on a product that really didn’t do anything for me – then that would be false advertisement at its finest. 

Fitness is something that has always been in the forefront of my mind having however what I find most ironic is that now that I’m 26 years old…I’m actually the healthiest and the fittest I’ve ever been! Which is bizarre considering I was a high school gymnast + competitive cheerleader as well as I competed in pageants where there was a swimsuit competition that I had to prep for. It wasn’t until I changed my mindset and did some ‘nerding’ that I found what was actually holding myself back from meeting my fitness goals.

1. I detoxed for a month. 

One of the things that I consistently found when ‘nerding’ was how important a detox is. I’m a firm believer that our bodies were made to heal themselves as well as to self regulate – however, how can you heal or self regulate when you have toxins/buildup/not good stuff holding up the process? For this I used the Mega Wellness Cleanse! It explains on the bottle the best practices for use as well as how to regulate it. This cleanse is not a typical ‘flush’ but is an all natural cleanse for your colon, liver, kidneys, lymphatic system, lungs and skin. It. Is. Amazing. 

2. I feed my body on a cellular level. 

This sounds super weird once I typed it out haha but the reality is, we eat food to fuel our body – yes? However, when we don’t fuel our body correctly we tend to eat more as our body is legit craving nutrients. When you feed your body on a cellular level, you 1) are cutting down the amount of energy that your body has to exert in order to break down the food to feed itself which results in you having more energy 2) cut down on the amount of food that is needed to get all the nutrients and 3) cuts craving/snacking/impulsive eating/ ect. So how do you feed your cells? Try these liquid minerals!It’s what I use!

3. I only eat real food. 

As in, if I’m going to eat sugar, butter, ect. I make sure to eat real sugar and real butter! None of that fake stuff like stevia or who knows what else they put into food. My thought process on this is that your body knows how to break down the real stuff whereas it has no idea what to do with imitation products. 

4. I decreased my meat/protein. 

This one was a major game changer! If you were like me and in any sport or were approached by any multilevel marketing company most likely the first thing that they offer you is a protein shake/protein bar. I used to eat/drink these all the time without getting any of the results I wanted. It wasn’t until I met with John Benton (who has now trained Victoria Secret Runway Models) that I learned protein was actually what was holding me back from losing the weight I wanted to. The routine that Connor and I have established is that we only eat meat when we go out for dinner! 

5. I changed the way I worked out. 

This goes back to working with John Benton because the man is truly incredibly talented at what he does! The three key takeaways I had for changing my workouts was 1) eliminate hip flexer/squat type movements 2) Low weight high reps and 3) high intensity interval training. This allows your body to build long lean strong muscles! 

That concludes my 5 health habits that I live by! I did want to add one more thing before I let ya go – while this can seem overwhelming at first…remembLer the 80/20 rule. 80% of the time be on the plan but for 20% of the time let yourself have the day off, the cheat day, ect. Let me know if you have any other questions! 


I'm Breshell, a travel blogger based out of Frisco, Texas capturing family-friendly luxury travel around the city of Frisco and beyond!

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