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Yesterday I asked a question about how we as a community could support our local teachers and two responses seemed to be on repeat. The first one was grace. Showing grace to our teachers who didn’t come up with the rules themselves but are pivoting just like the rest of the world to try and accommodate everyone’s needs from all sides. The other response was to help with their Amazon Wishlist’s. With classrooms having to get creative on ways to teach virtually and in person the supplies needed to make this year great are different than in years past.

I would encourage everyone to look through these lists to find at least one item to gift to a local teacher as most times are less than $20. With times of uncertainty (especially in regards to the school year) it’s important that we show our positive support to those that genuinely care about the next generations education.

While I by myself cannot fill everyone’s wishlists, we as a community can make a big impact. Below are the links to local teachers Amazon wishlists. Is this everyone’s list? No. These are simply the ones that have personally messaged me to be included in this post. With the original ask going up less than 24 hours ago, this list will be evolving and growing. If you are a local teacher and would like to be included please email me at

Thank you fam for always being so awesome!

*In order to view all lists on your phone you might have to close out of the Amazon App before clicking a new teachers list so that it can load the new list.*

Our local teachers:

Kristen N.

Tori H.

Ms. Madden

Megan W.

Ashlynn M.

Mrs. Cole


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