ChiliSleep Review & Giveaway!

Before becoming pregnant I was the person that was an icebox at night. Connor would always flinch when I would snuggle up next to him because of how cold my body was. However, he was the human heater so it only made sense to be nice and close to warm myself up! Once I was pregnant though everything changed. I became the new human heater that out heated the original and it was not a fun change at all. We tried everything to cool me down at night but nothing worked to give me a great night sleep — until we tried the OOLER Sleep System from Chilisleep

The OOLER is the most advanced and most luxurious sleep system on the market with a hydro-powered thermal range that operates from 55-115°F (13-46°C)1. This state of the art technology helps create physical temperature changes which allows you to have a deeper and longer sleep. The best part? The mattress pad comes in two sizes, a dual full-size (WE) and half-size (ME), making it the perfect sleep solution that can customize the temperature on each side of the bed, eliminating fighting over the covers and or thermostat every night, increasing optimal sleep temperature for everyone!

There are three parts to the OOLER sleep system: the control unit (the white cube), the Chili Cool Mesh (pad) and the mobile app (EEP). The control unit is what is pictured here on my night stand! This sleek bedside friendly design is what stores and heats/cools the water. The Chili Cool Mesh is an innovative, cooling mattress topper designed to provide comfortable and efficient temperature regulation. There are no wires and it’s easily washable which are both major wins in my book! Finally the mobile app lets you create schedules to auto-adjust sleep temperature throughout the night, including an amazing warm awake feature that makes you naturally wake up as your bed will get hot.

With so much out of our control this year, prioritizing the way you sleep has never been more crucial to our physical and mental health.  So if you’re still trying to figure out the perfect gift to give this holiday season, give the gift of sleep with ChiliSleep! From the OOLER to the chiliPAD and chiliBLANKET, any of their sleep systems can solve your sleep troubles! So say bye to night sweats/chills, hot flashes, tossing and turning pulling up and down the covers and say hello to hopping into your bed that’s already set at your preferred temperature and drastically improving your REM sleep and your overall sleep quality. Orders placed by Dec. 15, 2020 will ship free and still be delivered before Christmas. They currently have a holiday sale and even have a pay over time and financing options so saving on upgrading yours or someone else’s sleep has never been more flexible. 

But that’s not all, we’re kicking off giving the gift of sleep by paying it forward and upgrading one lucky reader’s sleep with their very own ME OOLER! All you have to do is comment below why you need a sleep upgrade and follow @ChiliSleep on Instagram! We’ll announce a winner on Christmas! 

Cheers to the best sleep of your life and happy holidays! Ps- Use the code ‘Bwest22’ for 22% off!


I'm Breshell, a travel blogger based out of Frisco, Texas capturing family-friendly luxury travel around the city of Frisco and beyond!

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  1. 12.12.20
    Taylor B said:

    This is awesome! When I read your post I didn’t think about it for me, but for my boss/friend who is currently pregnant with her 3rd baby and can’t seem to get a good night’s sleep between the nausea and feeling hot all night. I’d love to win this for her, but either way, I’ll have to let her know it exists!!

  2. 12.12.20
    Cori said:

    Omgosh yes! Having a baby I have to keep the temperature set at a reasonable temperature but I am not a reasonable sleeper myself! I like it way too cold and it makes sleeping a lot harder.

  3. 12.12.20
    Alyssa said:

    Ooh I’ve been looking at these but wondered if they really made a difference!

  4. 12.12.20
    Mercedes Le said:

    What an awesome giveaway!

    My fiancée and I both have a very difficult time sleeping at night! Our anxiety at night makes it difficult to sleep sometimes. Not only that, he likes to sleep on a firm bed while I like softer beds so this Me ooler will definitely help us ease our minds and bodies and make it more comfortable for the both of us! We will definitely be checking this out!

  5. 12.14.20
    Jen Clark said:

    This is amazing! Josh and I both have a hard time sleeping since we both get hot super easy. I wake up a million times a night and never feel fully rested. We would love this product for sure.