DIY Painted Piano

Yupp, you read that right! We painted a piano!

A few weeks ago I shared on my Instagram a photo of my vision for an accent wall in our home. It involved a grey piano and 6 frames to give it an understated WOW kind of look.

However, at that moment in time we had zero frames and no piano haha! But thank goodness for Facebook market place as we were able to score a piano for FREE.

After renting a U-Haul to pick it up and almost loosing it on the ride home (true store – the straps came untied and the piano ended up sloshing around but praise that everything was still in tact!) we ordered the supplies and were ready to start the project!

Now if you’re like me, I love a good DIY but what I really love is a FAST QUICK AND EASY DIY. I’m talking about the kind where you go to the store, get the supplies, come home, do the project and you’re done before dinner. And fam, I don’t think it gets any easier than this one!

To prep the piano for the paint we simply wiped it down with a damp cloth to remove any dust/grime that was on it. Prep = done!

After the prep we opened up the can of Rust-oleum Chalk paint and off we went!

The first coat of paint was the layer we called ‘just get it on there’. We didn’t pay too much attention to detail as the main objective for this layer was to simply cover the piano in paint. One of the things that we noticed when working with this paint was that it didn’t like to go over itself until it was completely dry. Unlike a traditional wall paint, the chalk paint liked one coat at a time or else it was almost paint itself off the piano.

Once the piano was completely dry we went in with a second coat. The second coat made a HUGE difference and was able to cover majority of the spots that were a little see-through.

We ended up doing three layers with the last layer being our most detailed layer really making sure everything was covered throughout.

All in all, this project was a total win in my book and I cannot wait to finish the rest of the wall! All the products that we used are linked below!


Rust-Oleum Chalk Paint in Charcoal

Drop Cloths


Fur Seat Throw


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