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It’s time to have a real talk about money. Yupp, that’s right – the thing that a lot of people just simply don’t want to talk about but the one thing that NEEDS to be talked about! 

If you’ve been following my journey for some time you know that I am of the mindset that there is MORE than enough success & money for everyone. That means that if I come across an opportunity to help others achieve their goals – I’m all for it! 

So let me back up a bit to get a running start into where we’re going on today’s blog post. Back in 2018, I started the official LLC for my business. This was something that I was SO excited about as it’s the first big step when running your own company! 

For the next few years, I didn’t really do anything else besides the LLC for my business as it was just me and growing at a steady rate that was easily manageable. (I also didn’t know that I needed to do anything else! This is why this blog post is so important for those just starting out.) 

Fast forward a few years and we received a large grant for our work and they required a company bank account and EIN to do a direct deposit. Our first thoughts were ‘OMG, THIS IS FANTASTIC!!’ Our second thoughts were ‘OMG, HOW DO WE START A BANK ACCOUNT FOR OUR BUSINESS??’ 

This should have been an easy enough situation where you just bring in one piece of paper and show them that you own the business but man were we wrong. I was searching for papers for two weeks trying to get everything together! When we finally had all the paperwork and an appointment set up to create the account…I was sent home as my managing partner (my husband) wasn’t there to be a witness. 

At this point, I simply just wanted to cry. *Note – I was also pregnant at the time and hormones definitely could have played a part*

For something that many individuals nowadays need due to the increasing amounts of side hustles, the banking side of it shouldn’t be difficult! That’s why we switched from a national bank to Farmers Bank & Trust located in Prosper, Texas. 

Farmers Bank & Trust Company was chartered on September 26, 1906 in Magnolia, Arkansas. Fast forward to 2021 and this locally owned bank now has branches expanding throughout Arkansas into Texas as well. 

There are many reasons why we chose to go with a more local bank but one of the main reasons was their credit card options. Farmers Bank & Trust has incredible credit card options to help increase your credit score while offering you a lower interest rate. 

For example, their Mastercard benefits include:

  • Zero Liability Protection
  • 24/7 Lost or Stolen Card Replacement
  • Price Protection
  • EMV CHIP Technology for added security
  • Digital Wallet payment options including Apple Pay, Google Wallet, Masterpass, and Samsung Pay
  • Merchandise and Travel Rewards
  • 1.5% Cash Back Reward Option
  • After the 6 months promotional rate of 0%, Annual Percentage Rate will be 9.99% – 14.99% 

You read that right – APR of only 9.99% – 14.99%! That is HUGE savings compared to many larger credit card options offering a 29.99% APR. 

 On top of that, they also offer a Foundation Credit Card! This credit card is something that I wish was introduced to me in high school to be able to start building my credit. The Foundation Credit Card is perfect for individuals who are looking to start their credit journey or rebuild their credit. With a manageable limit and low payment options, it’s perfect (and you don’t have to have a certain credit score to be accepted!)

We’re so happy to have found Farmers Bank and we can’t wait to see your success stories with them as well! Check them out online or visit them in person at their Prosper location.

I received compensation as a thank you for my participation. This post reflects my personal opinion about the information provided by the sponsors.


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