Father’s Day Gift Guide

Things they actually want!

Father’s Day is right around the corner and I actually feel prepared this year! Most of the time I know the day is approaching however the gift searching is relentless for the men in our life who just seem to have ‘everything’ yet want ‘nothing’. (Please tell me I’m not the only one who has a father/spouse like this?? haha!)

Anywho – I’ve taken notes throughout the year about little things they have mentioned as well as saved gifts that have gone over AMAZINGLY in the past to share with you! Here’s my Father’s Day gift guide for making this Father’s Day the best one yet!

1. Whatadad Shirt

This Whatadad Shirt from the Tumbleweed TexStyles collaboration with Whataburger has been a HIT not only in the West household but also throughout the town. There’s no better way to say ‘you’re incredible’ than with a ‘whatadad’ shirt.

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2. Burlebo Performance Hoodie

Let’s face it…men’s fashion can sometimes be incredibly difficult once you break out of the categories of yard work clothes and professional clothes. We stumbled upon the brand Burlebo at Willow House and fell in love with their mens line. Connor now only buys their pants & shorts because they fit so well, look dressy but are made of a lightweight sports material making them extremely comfortable. They also carry t-shirts as well as this hoodie that should be in every mans closet.

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3. 20pc Drill Brush Attachment Set

Why use traditional elbow grease when there’s an opportunity to use POWER TOOLS! I feel like this is every mans dream (or maybe it’s every womans dream) to give a man a set of tools with a list of chores to knock out in a manly way. I’m willing to take the risk on this one to see if the tasks get done faster and happier.

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4. Portable Hammock

Sometimes dads just need some peace and quiet whether that’s going for a 4 day camping trip in the woods or simply putting up a hammock in the backyard to cacoon themselves away from the chaos. This portable hammock has over 39,000 4.5+ Star ratings on Amazon which leads me to think…there are a lot of happy dads out there with this item!

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5. High Power Monocular

I admit, this gift isn’t for everyone. This defintiely yeilds itself to the older generation of father’s who like to keep an eye on everything and everyone whether that be the neighbors or what is 1000 yards away in the ocean while on vacation. Given the sleek and space effiecient design, it’s perfect to keep in the junk drawer, backpack or car console for whenever you need ‘super eye power.’

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6. Laser Level

This has been one of the MOST useful tools for for us when doing any of our wall decorating projects. (and we’re not alone either with over 20,000 4+ star reviews on Amazon!)

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7. Traeger Pro Series Grill

If you’re looking to really hone in on the title of ‘grill master’ for the father in your life – this is the grill for you! The Traeger Pro Grill Series is known for its exquisite use of pellets to create a one of a kind wood smoked flavor on all things. Combine that with the versatility of it being able to also bake a pie makes this a no brainer! PS- IT’S ON SALE! PSS- THERE ARE ONLY 27 LEFT IN STOCK AT THE FRISCO HOMEDEPOT *be sure to order online to reserve it!*

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8. Frisco Golf Hat

Nothing screams ‘dad’ more than golf and what better to celebrate those long days on the course than with a Frisco golf hat hinting at the new PGA Headquarters?! This hat comes from Tumbleweed TexStyles which is a legendary Texas lifestyle brand so be sure to check out their entire website (and the flagship store on Main Street in Frisco) for all the goodies + some even for yourself!

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9. Pressure Washer

Back to the tools! Connor and his brother purchased this gift for their father a few years back and it has been put to use SO many times. Who knew there were so many things to power wash?! This power washer comes with 5 different spray nozzles, 2 detergent tanks and over 45,800 4.5+ star reviews on Amazon. This is just a must in any household! *Currently $50 off!*

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10. Wallet Finder

If you’ve ever experienced the moment when everybody is ready to walk out the door and then DAD PANICKS AND CAN’T FIND HIS WALLET ANYWHERE?! Go ahead and add this to the cart now. I cannot tell you how many times Connors wallet has gotten ‘stolen’, ‘dropped’, or ‘taken’ only to be found in a random spot in the house or in the side pocket of his car. This handy device is going to be in his gift bundle this year for Fathers Day and I think it’s something that we will both be greatly appreciating!

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11. Portable Neck Fan

Lets face it…Dad’s just get hot. They get hot working on their cars, mowing, running – it just seems like they get hot and sweaty quite often. With that being said this portable neck fan as been a ‘fan’ from the dads! I purchased one as a gift a while back and it has become a staple!

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So now that you have the gift covered the next question is ‘but what should we do on Father’s Day?’ For us we always start out with breakfast because what dad doesn’t like Breakfast?! (You can check out my full list of brunch selections here and the full best of breakfast list is featured in my Finding Frisco Guide Book which can be found here.) My top two suggestions for a very Father’s Day Breakfast would be Barney’s Brunch House and Another Broken Egg.

If you’re not an he’s not a breakfast guy or you’re looking for activities to do on Father’s Day I would suggest going to Andretti’s or K1 Speedway for extreme go-karting or head on over to The Westin Stonebriar for their Father’s Day BBQ & Music! This public event is happening on Saturday, June 18 from 3-8 pm and is $40 per adult and $18 per child. Each wrist band includes all-you-can-eat BBQ, two beers, access to the pool and live music at the Westin Dallas Stonebriar activity lawn. It’s an event that all dads will love!

That wraps up my father’s day gift and activity guide for 2022! Did I miss your favorite event or go-to gift? Let me know below!


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