February 2022 Favorites

A list of all my favorites from February!

I am loving that yall are loving this! For us West’s February was a very crazy month…Connor & Remi had c0v*d, we had a death in the family and we sent the spring edition of Finding Frisco to print. However, we still had some favorites!

Remember, these are never sponsored and are truly things that shined above the rest!


  • Salsa’s Tex Mex – This was my first time trying Salsa’s and I am a HUGE fan! No wonder it’s always busy. Two things that really stood out to me were their margaritas and their family friendly atmosphere!
  • Chido Taco Lounge – If you haven’t been…go this week! I personally love their Birria Tacos and margaritas!

Baby Products

  • Giraffe Toothbrush – With new teeth means learning how to take care of them. Connor found this adorable giraffe toothbrush that Remi now uses every morning fuss free.
  • Toddler Step Stool – I know that many bloggers have posted about a clunky wooden step stool with a back and while that one might be extra sturdy and ‘aesthetic’ we found one that is extremely practical. This collapsable step stool features two steps allowing them to be right at counter height along with a safety bar in the back that folds down. While the safety bar is technically ‘removable’ it does a fantastic job to provide peace of mind that they’re not going to step off accidentally. Bonus points for it also being collapsable for easy storage and adult use too!
  • Beauty and The Beast Tea Cart – Remi is the absolute BIGGEST girly girl so it was only fitting that this tea cart made the favorites list! We actually found this tea cart at the Rhea Lana sale when she pushed it around the entire store and out the door. Needless to say, we now play tea party multiple times every day.
  • Hair Ties – Last year one of my best friends told me the secret to toddler hair ties is actually ordering dental rubber bands. So as all good friends do, I ordered them and they work amazing!! No more having to tie an adult sized small rubber band a million times, two maybe three times and it’s tight for the entire day!
  • Car Seat Protector – I recently got my official ‘mom’ car which is a 2022 Toyota Highlander! (It’s on the list to do a review because this is the ultimate mom car – believe me….I test drove ALL of them) And to help save the seats from the lovely carseat indentations in the leather we ordered these and they have helped a ton. Highly recommend!

Clothing and Accessories

  • Blue Light Glasses – My eyes have been feeling so drained lately and I couldn’t find my one pair of blue light glasses so I ordered this 6 pack to keep one in every room of the house. This was the best deal I could find as it was 6 pairs for $14!
  • White Braided Sandals – Last summer the large braided sandals were all the rage but I wasn’t wanting to drop $120 for a pair. Thank goodness for amazon! These sandals are only $45 and will be a staple in my wardrobe this spring/summer.
  • Mommy & Me Swimsuits – ORDER THESE RIGHT NOW! We were at the swimming pool today and recieved SO many compliments on these. Not only are they incredibly cute theyre also full coverage + tummy control! (Which means when chasing a toddler around a splash pad you don’t have to worry about falling out on either end) Mommy Swimsuit Link + Remi Swimsuit Link


Connor and Remi got c0v*d but I didn’t even though I was in the mix of taking care of everyone. I contribute that to my vitamins to help keep my immune system strong so here are my favorites!

  • 8Greens – This tablet is filled with only dehydrated leafy green vegetables and it is absolutely delicious! If you’re needing an easy way to take in those veggies daily this is a great option.
  • Eldeberry Lozenges – I take one of these every 4 hours the MOMENT I start to feel like I’m getting sick. Usually within the next few hours I’m symptom free.
  • Nordic Fish Oil – I personally hate taking fish oil because I always end up with a very gross fish after taste in my mouth however I finally found some that don’t! I also notice my brain fog lifting when I take these which is always a win.
  • Easily Digestable Iron – Iron is one of those tricky supplements that if you take too much…well you can’t poop. Being borderline anemic I have to take an iron pill daily and these are my favorites!

And that wraps up my February favorites! Did some of your favorites make the list? Let me know below!


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