Happy National Hydration Day!

National Hydration Day was established in honor of late football coach, Victor Hawkins. Hawkins was a high school football coach, who began to worry about his players. He started noticing that many of them were missing practice time and suffering injuries due to the side effects of dehydration. (And if you’ve ever been to the south during the summer you know how serious it is to stay hydrated!) 

However, sometimes during the summer I’ve noticed that normal tap water has an interesting flavor to it making it harder to consume the needed amount to properly hydrate. That’s why I always have my ZeroWater pitcher in my kitchen filled and ready to go! 

The 5-Stage filtration system removes virtually ALL dissolved solids. This technology is so precise that they even include a TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) meter for you to check it yourself! I tested our tap water and was shocked by it having a reading of 303 TDS which put it right in the middle of not great and not good. Once the water was filtered through the ZeroWater pitcher I poured myself a glass and took a reading again. 000. The TDS meter reading was 000! 

This filtration is also one that you can taste the difference and fam…it is a wonderful flavor! So pure, so fresh, so refreshing making it easy to hydrate. 

For more information about ZeroWater click here!


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  1. 11.21.20

    Everything is explained step by step. I loved the examples used 🙂

    Very insightful…… I am enthralled by such eye opener, thanks and keep it up.