Happy Opening Day Texas Tulips!

Happy Wednesday FAM! I woke up bright and early to be able to post this exciting news for you only to find out I had been put into ‘IG JAIL’. Yupp. I can only post stories and reply to DM’s until February 25th. Fun stuff haha – but no worries! We are taking this opportunity to grow the blog with the #swipeup feature since we can still post stories (WOOO!!).

How did I get thrown in IG Jail?

Welp, I was just genuinely engaging with you guys because I LOVE seeing all the cool things that y’all are up to. However, I guess I was ‘too friendly’ because IG thought I was a bot LOL. Womp Womp. I truly don’t understand how this all makes sense as IG is supposed to be about connecting + community but I guess they don’t want you to connect thattttttt much?

Anyway, we are trying to make this situation better by still posting the amazing content just on my blog + IG stories + Facebook! So be sure that you are following along on all those platforms too because after all…nobody actually ‘owns’ their IG accounts but you can own your blog.

Back to the tulips!

Texas Tulips located in Pilot Point is the FIRST blooming tulip field in Texas.

Connor and I’s first time here was the week after we were engaged which makes this place extra special for us.

Texas Tulips is open 7 days a week from 10AM – 8PM. Parking is free however it is $5 per person to enter and $25 if you are a professional photographer.

You are able to pick your own tulips (which is super fun) but please know they do cost $2.50 a stem. (My friend didn’t realize that the tulips cost per stem and walked out with a $55 bill for her beautiful tulip arrangement that she thought she was getting for $5)

This is the PERFECT spot for date night or a kiddo adventure!

For more information about Texas Tulips click here.

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