January 2022 Favorites

A list of all my favorites from January!
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Hi Fam! I’m so excited to start a new series of monthly favorites! This entire blog post is NOT sponsored, will never be sponsored, and will only contain favorites ranging from local restaurants to baby items and everything in between! So without further ado…here are my favorites of January 2022!

Local Spots

  • Didi’s Downtown
    • We recently ordered Didi’s Downtown to go and if you haven’t been put it on your list to do so right now! This was handsdown one of the BEST burgers I’ve had in a long time! (I ordered the jalepeno barbeque on GF)
  • Kid to Kid
    • This is the part that makes my job the hardest…when I stumble upon a true hidden gem but then have the responsibility of sharing it with the rest of the world! This is the first spot I go to when buying clothes for Remi for new seasons as they have such good prices and gently used/new clothes!
  • Woodhouse Day Spa
    • I thought all spa’s were created *semi* equal but this one takes the cake as being by far the BEST spa I have ever been to. Back in December I went to their Plano location located in the Shops at Legacy and have been dreaming to go back ever since. The service I booked was called the ‘WH Signature: Calming Retreat’ which is a head-to-toe ritual begins with full-body exfoliation followed by therapeutic stone massage. Next, a neck and shoulder massage releases upper body tension. This is followed by relaxing and renewing acupressure and massage of the scalp, hands, and arms. Enhanced with the restorative ancient art of reflexology. Basically it’s the most magical experience I’ve ever had and everyone needs it!
  • Cheeky Monkeys
    • Growing up I loved going to indoor playgrounds and now that Remi is of the age where everything looks like a climbing opportunity it was time to find a place close by! We stumbled upon Cheeky Monkeys and have been back three times now – it’s her favorite place!

Hair Products

  • Davines Minu Hair Mask
    • After 28 years of trying to find the best hair products for my hair I feel like I FINALLY landed on the ones I love. (Love SO much that I now WANT to take more showers to wash my hair because I’m obsessed with how they make my hair feel). Now many of you know that after I became pregnant I also became incredibly sensitive to chemicals and had to switch our entire life to natural based products. Normal shampoos, makeup, cleaners ect all gave me an awful headache and just wasn’t worth it! So because of that I had to start over on finding products that I love and this is one of them! I use this hair mask 1-2x’s per week instead of conditioner and it leaves my hair feeling so healthy! (This hair mask is also safe for colored hair)
  • Davines LOVE Shampoo
    • I’ve tried several Davines products in the past and haven’t fell in love with them like their LOVE shampoo. I have naturally very thick, dry, frizzy hair which means that it likes to hold on to shampoo/conditioner making it harder to get clean however once I switched to this set – I haven’t had a problem since!
  • Davines LOVE Conditioner
    • If you’re discouraged about your hair…add these to your cart right now because these are a game changer!

Office Items

My big project for January of 2022 was putting my office together with finishing touches and dang is it looking good! The best part is that these simple additions made this space feel like a million bucks when everything was extremely affordable. (To read more about the big office makeover click here) Since the big makeover I’ve added a few extras and they made my favorites list this month!

  • Giant Dry Erase Yearly Wall Calendar
    • I am such a visual person that unless I can see the full big picture it’s hard for me to get all my details in order. I ordered this large wall calendar that was dry erase and have LOVED it! (I ordered the 48″ x 60″)
  • Flip Desk Calendar
    • Can you really ever have too many calendars? The answer is no haha! I have this Flip Desk Calendar on my floating shelves and it’s so nice to be able to easily glance at today’s date – not to mention it’s super cute!
  • Black Curtain Rods
    • I found these black curtain rods on amazon that were giving me all the modern sleek vibes at a fraction of the cost!
  • 3 Pack Artifical Plants
    • So…I love plants…but I love plants that don’t have to have additional work to stay looking pretty. So when I found this 3 pack of artifical eucalyptus plants I had to get them!

Baby Products

I feel like I need to write a whole new list of our most used/best baby items now that Remi is one year old and so much has changed! But for now, this list of January favorites will have to do! (Putting the link to our newborn must-have list here!

  • MiMoo Crayons made for toddler hands
    • Remi has just entered the age where she loves to sit down and color! Which is great for this busy mama trying to figure out how to entertain a one year old when it’s 20 degrees outside. We found these crayons that have made it SO easy for her to color + she also loves stacking them. Win win!
  • Skip Hop Activity Table
    • This activity table was gifted to us by Connor’s Mom (thanks KoKo!) and Remi has loved it! This activity table is specifically designed to be able to grow with them starting at 4 months. We recently switched out the swivel seat for the solid table top which allos Remi to have a table her size to use!
  • Giraffe Toddler Chairs
    • When we went to Cheeky Monkey’s indoor playground the first thing Remi wanted to do was to sit in the toddler chairs at the toddler table so that’s what started us into all of this! Skip Hop does sell a chair that goes with the table but it was a boring normal chair. I ran across this two pack of giraffe chairs which looked super happy (and were yellow which is Remi’s favorite color) and it was an easy add to cart!
  • Mama Chia Squeeze Snacks
    • These are so good I even stick them in my purse for myself! Not to mention these are the only squeeze pouches she’ll eat currently.
  • Boogie Bottoms Diaper Rash Spray
    • We used to use Butt Paste but it was so messy and I hated the application part of it. Not to mention that it kind of only half way worked. At the store Connor found this and bought it on a whim and we haven’t looked back! The spray application keeps your hands mess free and this product actually works great! It’s healed up diaper rash within the day!

Makeup Products

Fam…I have been on the quest for AMAZING makeup and I feel like I can finally share a few things that I’m SOLD on! These are things I don’t just ‘like’ but LOVE. Also, the links below are to the best price of the products – for example the foundation stick is $40 more on amazon then Credo so be sure to go through the links!

  • Westman Atelier Foundation
    • Foundation was one of the hardest things to find when switching to clean beauty products. It seemed as though a lot of clean beauty foundation literally melted off my face which is not the kind of product I wanted. This foundation stick allows me to do a buildable foundation look that leaves my skin glowing as well as lasting all day long. It is on the pricier side ($68) but worth every penny in my opinion. (I wear the shade Atelier II)
  • Skin Medica Exfoliating Cleanser
    • When I went to Skin Spirit Plano for their diamond glow facial they gave me a goody bag filled with large sample products and this was one of them. My esthetician recommended I switch to this cleanser and I have been so impressed by it! I recently ran out which is the true test to see how much you really ‘love’ the product and I immediately ordered more!
  • Revlon colorstay Lipliner – Color Nude
    • This is my ride or die lipliner that I have been using for years! Lip Liner makes SUCH a difference when putting on your lipstick – it creates a beautiful clean line that won’t smudge or leave your lips looking weird. This color is the perfect transition for all seasons as you can pair it with darker or lighter lipstick leaving your lips open to all the possibilities! And $7?! How can you pass that up?!

And that wraps up my favorite things for January 2022! Have you tried some of the items that made the list? Let me know below!


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