Milk Street Baby Nursery

It’s so crazy to think that baby Remi is already TWO months old! Where in the world did the time (and sleep) go?! One of the things that we are incredibly grateful for is the fact that both of our families are all in the area so they’ve been able to help us out a ton. And because they are in the area that also means GRANDPARENT SLEEP OVERS! Growing up who didn’t love spending the night with grandad and grandmother?! Now being a mom myself I quickly have realized that while I loved getting to have a sleepover at grandmothers, it was actually a way for my parents to have a night off. So keeping in the same tradition it was time to build a nursery at my parents house! 

This nursery was going to be different than the one at our house as we needed it to be more gender neutral so all our future kiddos would love it. That’s why we went with the True Traditional Crib from Milk Street Baby. The two toned classic design is one that will last for many years to come! This 3-in-1 crib is convertible and is built from solid, sturdy, grade-A hardwood. Designed with stationary sides there are no moving parts for safety. After our nursery needs have been met, this crib transitions into a tot bed, and a daybed that becomes a casual napping spot for any room in the house! These three modes allow this crib to convert and grow with all of our (future) kiddos. 

Over the holidays we had extra time to start setting the new room up and couldn’t have been happier with how the True Traditional Crib fit in it. With the biggest, most important part of the nursery done…it’s now time to start planning grandparent sleepovers!

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