My National Margarita Day Restaurant Choice!

Hey Fam! It’s me, your favorite Frisco blogger currently stuck in IG Jail LOL. This is day two of my jail time and thus far I have received great support from other bloggers who have made it out alive so there is hope at the end of the tunnel! 

Getting down to it, today’s IG post was going to be about my personal favorite Mexican Kitchen in Frisco that has AMAZING deals for National Margarita day. (National Margarita Day is Saturday, February 22.) 

So because IG won’t let me post on their site, it’s going to get posted on here! The place I am going to celebrate National Margarita Day is….. 



El Rincon is one of my all time FAVORITE spots for Mexican food as their flavors are more delicate + fresh instead of just salt, salt and more salt. Their salsa is also in my top 5 favs for DFW salsa so that’s a MAJOR win too. 

If you’ve never tried El Rincon….put it on your list to try this week. Upon entering the restaurant you’re greeted by the friendliest faces and the coolest vibes. The inside of El Rincon has more of a 21st century Spanish flare instead of the inside of a tortilla factory. (Which also means it has TONS of Instagrammable moments.) 

My personal favorite menu items are: Poblano Enchiladas, Tilapia Poblano, Queso Flameado and the flan. You can’t go wrong with any of these! 

El Rincon is also known for it’s tequila bar that features authentic Mexican tequila, Mexico-inspired cocktails, Mexican imported beer, and more. A few months ago we were invited to one of their family style dinner events that was also a tequila pairing/tasting. We were able to try the different tequilas straight as well as when in a mixed drink and it was crazy how much of a difference their actually was. The main thing that I was impressed with was how smooth each tequila tasted. Which just means one thing: National Margarita Day at El Rincon is going to be AH-MAZE-ING!

Below is the list of specials they have going on for National Margarita Day. 

National Margarita Day Specials Frisco Texas

Thank you fam for all your support while I’m in IG jail! I get out next Tuesday (February 25th) so until then you can find me on here LOL! (But on Saturday you can find me at El Rincon!)


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