Prepping for Pregnancy

Happy Tuesday! Over the past several months I’ve received tons of questions about if I was going to be doing any posts about my pregnancy journey and the answer is – yes! It’s just taken me a bit longer than expected – so sorry about that!

Any who, I wanted to start at the beginning which is actually before we found out that we were expecting. For me, I wanted to make sure that my body had everything that it needed before we even started trying as well as making sure that everything was clean from the inside out. Below are 6 things that we changed in our lives to prep for becoming pregnant!

  1. Cut out medicine. Why this might seem like an odd one, Connor and I wanted to make sure that we were healthy from the inside out because after all a baby would be growing on the inside! With this being said, we cut out any and all medication mid summer of 2019. *please note, Connor and I were never on any prescription medication* The medications that we cut out were like Advil, allergy, cold/flu ect and instead replaced those with preventative care. We’ve been med free ever since!
  2. Started taking prenatal vitamins. This was something that I had no idea that young women of child bearing age were supposed to do until one of my doctor friends told me. The reason that it is so important that you start taking prenatals BEFORE your pregnancy is because during the first trimester your body is going through so much that you might not be able to take them at that point (due to being too sick). However, it is during the first trimester that it is sooo important for baby to have all the proper nutrients it needs for them to grow and develop. The most important thing to look for in prenatal vitamins is FOLATE instead of FOLIC ACID. Folate is natural, folic acid is not. I make sure that all my vitamins are 100% organic food grade so that my body can properly digest them. I’ve linked some of my favorites here, here and here!
  3. Changed to natural deodorant. This one was a weird change for me, I’ll be honest. I never would have thought to change deodorants however after researching what all is in deodorant and how it is directly absorbed into your lymphatic system it was out with the old and in with the new! The main things that I look for in a natural deodorant are that it is Aluminum, Paraben and Sulfate free. These are the three main no no’s that you don’t want to be putting into your body and the thought that I mindlessly did for so long is kind of crazy to think about! The best natural deodorant I’ve found is by Native and I’ve linked it here!
  4. Increased my greens. Y’all know that I am OBSESSED with 8Greens! 8Greens is literally a game changer when it comes to staying healthy as it is a dehydrated tablet made from the following real greens: spinach, wheatgrass, kale, blue green algae, spiraling, chlorella, barley grass and aloe vera. The taste is a fizzy lemon lime flavor that even my picky non veggie eater husband likes. This supplement is a total win in my book! We both took one tablet a day and noticed a positive difference in our sinuses, mood and energy minutes after finishing the drink. (Ps- it’s not caffeinated – you’re just getting amazing vegetables!). I’ve linked it here.
  5. Focused on being healthy mentally. This one is definitely more in depth than it seems. For us we wanted to make sure that we were in a positive healthy state of mind as we believe that the body is throughly connected. We didn’t want to bring a baby into the world that we were currently stressed in. A few changes that we made to increase our healthy mental state were: 1) me quitting my job to go full time blogger *woo!* 2) paying off some debt and 3) putting our selves first. A lot of time in this world we get so stressed out because of being pulled everywhere by everyone. However, it is TOTALLY OKAY to take the time YOU need to take for you.
  6. Switched our cleaning products to all natural. I by no means am an expert in natural products. The only thing I am is a nerdy researcher! haha! Upon doing research I found that the chemicals in laundry detergent can actually be absorbed through the skin (and when pregnant through the placenta as well). Since we knew that with baby we would have to change to a baby detergent we thought, might as well start now! We changed to Branch Basics which is a plant & mineral based cleaning product line. The main thing that I love about it is that 1) it doesn’t smell bad 2) it comes in a concentrate that literally lasts forever *like, haven’t had to reorder from my initial purchase* and 3) it’s an all in one from hand soap, to window cleaner to detergent. It’s literally the best! Linking it here.

Please note that I am not a doctor, medical professional or anything like that! These changes were something that Connor and I decided on together as we wanted to put our best foot forward during this process. Are we perfect? Absolutely not!

I hope you liked this blog post about everything we did to prep for pregnancy! If you have any questions about our pregnancy journey please leave a comment below! Have a great Tuesday!


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