Product Review: Motif Luna

One of the things that nobody ever told me before having a baby was how important your breast pump was. I always knew that you needed to have one, but going into this I had no idea what I needed to look for when shopping the market. All breast pumps are made the same, right?! WRONG. While the comfort, portability, ease of use and efficiency are very different. One of the first things that drew me to the Motif Luna was that it is battery powered. With being constantly on the go I knew I needed one that could be with me wherever I was, however, I didn’t want to compromise function or buy two. This feature allows me to be able to have the freedom to pump on the go as well as anywhere in the house without having to be tied down to the wall outlet. 

The second big selling point for me on the Motif Luna was that in a recent survey, 5 out of 6 moms reported more milk in less time! Now before I had Remi I severely underestimated how much time one spends just in the act of feeding a baby. They’re not joking when older parents say, ‘All you do is feed and change diapers…’ because it’s true! So any extra minutes I can gain throughout the day is a big win in my book which is why the Motif Luna is a must for all moms. If you’re a first time mom, just trust me on this one! The first time I pumped on the Motif Luna, I was able to pump the same amount of milk in 5 min vs a different pump that took 10-12 min. 

If the two points listed above weren’t convincing enough…check this one out. The final reason why Motif Luna is a staple in our home is because it was FREE! The Motif Luna is covered under insurance making it a gift you won’t mind getting for yourself. 

Being a first time mom is challenging enough and pumping shouldn’t be! If you’d like more information about the Motif Luna you can click here!


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