The Artistry of Essential Oils

One of the first side effects upon becoming pregnant back in February of this year was my extreme sensitivity to toxins. Now this may seem like an obvious ‘duh’ moment that I would be sensitive to harsh chemical cleaners like bleach but for me it was much greater than that. You see I was so sensitive that even the chemicals found in makeup would give me an excruciating headache. That’s when I found myself on a new journey to find all natural products to use in our daily lives. This new pursuit led me to The Artistry of Essential Oils.

The Artistry of Essential Oils began as mother-daughter bonding time with founder Valencia McClure and her mother. She said, “My mother’s love for sharing her knowledge of botanicals and aromatherapy planted a desire in me to also want to share this knowledge with others.” However, in 2015 Valencia was diagnosed with Breast Cancer which led her to search for natural healing techniques that would mitigate the emotional and physical side effects from radiation. While pursuing this toxin-free life she rediscovered her mother’s passion and it led her to the countless benefits of the daily uses of essential oils and aromatherapy. Thus, The Artistry of Essential Oils was born! 

The two products that I’ve fallen in love with from The Artistry of Essential Oils are: 1) The Pomegranate Anti-Aging Facial Oil and 2) The Muscle Relief. Throughout pregnancy (and even now during postpartum) my face has taken a beating from hormones and dryness. And fam, this dryness isn’t just your typical ‘oh my skin is a bit dry’…I’m talking my skin was flaking off like a reptile. *gross* I tried everything – coconut oil, intensive hydrating creams, exfoliating and nothing would work. Talk about being extremely discouraged! I would exfoliate and moisturize my face in the morning and 2 hours later it would be flaking off. Nothing was working….until I tried the Pomegranate Anti-Aging Facial Oil. Now if you’ve been following for a while you know that I’m already a huge fan of facial oils however none of the ones I typically used made a difference for this particular situation. After just one use of this product my skin went back to normal! That in itself is enough for me to say I will be a lifelong user! 

The second product that I fell in love with was The Muscle Relief. This was one of my go to products at the end of pregnancy when my back was just not having it. (Let me preface this with the fact that up until labor I had been medication free for 2 years. That means no harsh medicines as well as advil, sinus, ect. So the only way for pain relief was to find it naturally!) We tried heating pads, laying in different positions, baths and while these temporarily *kind of* worked…nothing really fixed the problem. That is until we tried the Muscle Relief! Connor would rub a dropper full of this onto my lower back where it ached and within minutes I would find relief. This relief led me to sleeping better at night and overall in a better mood. (Which Connor was extremely grateful for haha!)

The Artistry of Essential Oils is a Frisco based company committed to giving back and improving your overall health. For more information about The Artistry of Essential Oils and how you can get some for yourself click here


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