The Ultimate Guide to Frisco Splash Pads

Cool off and have fun!
The ultimate guide to frisco texas splash pads

Splash Pads are the perfect way to keep cool in the summer and Frisco has you covered with three incredible splash pads. I personally love splash pads over water parks especially at Remi’s age (currently 19 months) because she gets WAY more of a thrill running through the water and splashing around than 50ft+ water slides and deep water. (Not to mention this mama heart also doesn’t have as many heart palpitations from intimidation with deep water and a tot.) So without further ado – here’s your ultimate guide to Frisco Splash Pads!

First things first…the rules! In order to make the Frisco Splash Pads as enjoyable as possible the city of Frisco asks the following:

  • No running in the splash pad area.
  • Plastic containers only, glass is prohibited.
  • Animals are not allowed within 75 feet of spray parks, playgrounds or pavilions.
  • Rubber sole shoes only – water shoes are strongly recommended.
  • Do not climb on the spray park equipment.
  • Appropriate swimwear is required.
  • Swim diapers are required for young children who are not potty trained.
  • No bicycles, skateboards or skates allowed on the splash pad.
  • While each spray park has a pavilion, the pavilions are not reservable through the city but operate on a first-come, first-served basis.

The second most common question is: ‘when are the Frisco splash pads open?’

  • The Frisco Splash Pads are open May 15th through September 30th and have the daily operations from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. unless they are closed due to water restrictions, maintenance protocols, or during cool weather.

Now for the fun part: the details for the THREE Frisco Splash Pads!

  • Frisco Commons Slash Pad
    • This is definitely one of the more popular splash pads in Frisco as it’s also the largest one! Located next to Hope Park (instead of heading into the playground follow the right sidewalk to the pavilion) you’ll find buckets that douse children with water and colorful sprinkler structures! Bonus: bathrooms and tables are located SUPER close.
  • J.R. Newman Park
    • Seamlessly blending together the splash pad and playground means that there are hours of fun to be had! One thing to note is that this splash pad is located within a neighborhood but it is an official city park.
  • Shepard’s Glen Splash Pad
    • The hidden gem of Frisco I am FOR SURE going to get some hate mail on this one for making it public. (Always do when I find the good stuff haha!) Anywho, this splash pad is located on the west side of Frisco between Main & Rolater within Shepards Glen Park. Why is this a hidden gem? Because it has a splash pad, play area, pavilion and picnic tables that are all surrounded by shade! It’s also less well known which means less crowded.

And that wraps the ultimate guide to Frisco Splash Pads! Let me know which is your favorite splash pad below!


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