The Why: Walker Plastic Surgery

If you are looking for one of the friendliest surgeons in town, put Dr. Walker on your list! Last week we had the opportunity to meet with Dr. Walker of Walker Plastic Surgery to get to know him, his team, and his work a little better. His wife Nikki and himself are high school sweethearts from South Louisiana who first discovered Frisco after her parents moved here over a decade ago. After visiting her parents they fell in love with the unique suburb that Frisco is and knew that this would be the perfect spot to open up their new practice. 

Walker Plastic Surgery was then born amidst a pandemic right here in Frisco, Texas! (Located off of DNT & Panther Creek) Having only been here a few months, they are extremely dedicated to giving back to the community. They shared with me that they love finding creative ways to take part in the community despite limitations against large gatherings. Dr. Walker went on to explain that he himself has done pro bono work for children with hand, facial, and burn injuries and is an avid supporter of medical mission work. Some of his mission work included going to South America to help with hand and pediatric burn reconstruction as well as visiting Eastern Europe to help children with cleft lips and craniofacial anomalies. 

With such a passion for what he does, I asked if he had always wanted to be a Plastic Surgeon. He explained to me that Plastic Surgery was actually never on his original radar. Up until the 3rd year of medical school, Dr. Walker was set on becoming a heart surgeon. Right before declaring where he would go on to interview, one of his attending physicians asked him to take part in a breast reconstruction to help her husband, a Plastic Surgeon. They used abdominal tissue and rebuilt a patient’s breast that was removed during mastectomy for breast cancer treatment. In interacting with the patient, he never realized how important this surgery could be in restoring a part that made her feel like herself again. He then delved into what else Plastic Surgery had to offer and realized it is one of (if not the only) surgical specialty that deals with patients of all ages and genders as well as operates from head to toe. 

That patient interaction led him to set the high standard of personalized care and a VIP experience which his patients can expect to experience at Walker Plastic Surgery. “We have all of the bells and whistles of a big practice, but we take great pride in treating our patients like people and getting to know them rather than treating them like a number. We realize that coming in for an evaluation, especially in Plastic Surgery, can be a little nerve racking and personal, and we work at every step to keep our patients feeling comfortable and well taken care of.” – Dr. Walker

Dr. Walker performs all types of facial, body, and breast cosmetic surgery, but he really takes pride in rhinoplasty and breast breast/body work. With work that requires great precision, he works hard to be at the cutting edge of new techniques and technologies that can benefit his patients. 

From the moment you walk in to Walker Plastic Surgery you know that you are in great hands as everything is top notch. If you are looking for someone you can truly trust to get it right, put Dr. Walker on your list! 

Thank you so much for partnering with us and sharing your ‘why’! 


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