‘The Why’ with Johnson Family Medical

The time has come for another ‘The Why’! This business already has a special spot in my heart as our interview + photoshoot was just TWO days before the birth of our sweet Remi. I remember doing the interview with contractions but thinking nothing of it – I guess I should have been a little more aware! Any who, without further ado…let me introduce you to your new favorite Frisco family medical practice!

Nurse Practitioner Katherine Johnson is no stranger to the Frisco area as she is a proud Frisco High Raccoon herself! So of course after graduating from Texas Women’s University – Dallas, it only made sense that she returned to bring health back to the community that was such a large part of her life growing up.

Katherine is a board certified Family Nurse Practitioner (NP) through the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners as well as a member of the Texas Nurse Practitioners organization. Additionally, she is a founding member of the only Independent Practice Association for Nurse Practitioners in Texas, NP Axxess. Before becoming both an oncology nurse and a Family Nurse Practitioner, Katherine graduated from Oklahoma State University in 2010 earning a degree in Nutrition with an emphasis in Dietetics. This combined classroom instruction and clinical experience has allowed her to become skilled in treating multiple chronic medial conditions, acute illnesses while also helping patients achieve their wellness goals in a truly individualized and compassionate manner. When asked for more specifics regarding this, she stated, ‘I wanted to get to the root cause of patient’s symptoms to help them reach their optimal health. While working Internal Medicine as a new NP I discovered that many patients did not know what their lab values meant, why they were prescribed certain medications, and had zero guidance about how to eat for their health [….] Through this combined understanding I have been able to help patients restore their natural balance with specific nutritional advice, explain what lab values meant with relationship to their health and wellness goals all while working with patients on a plan to reach those goals.”

This intentional and comprehensive approach really stood out to me, since as many of you know, I believe in finding and fixing the root of the problem for medical issues rather than just going with whatever medicine covers up the issue temporarily. So discovering a medical professional that truly listens closely to the patient and what story their entire body is telling all while explaining the process in detail from start to finish is something that I personally value highly!

Moving on to the location – Upon walking into their office you will notice that it feels more like a classy resort than your typical cold and formal medical office. This homey vibe translates to the customized personal attention that you’ll receive when you visit Johnson Family Medical. By combining a mind-centered, nutritional-centered approach; Katherine Johnson can help address the root cause of patient’s concerns and work together with them on their goals.

If you’re looking for a new family medical practice, I highly recommend Johnson Family Medical! To make things even better they have invited YOU to their location opening party November 12 from 6-8PM. They would love to show you their gorgeous new facility and offer special holiday pricing on aesthetic treatments. They’re also giving away over $2.6K in treatment prizes!

Thank you so much for partnering with us Katherine, we can’t wait to go back to your office!


I'm Breshell, a travel blogger based out of Frisco, Texas capturing family-friendly luxury travel around the city of Frisco and beyond!

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