“The Why” with Nekter Juice Bar

Getting to know the hearts of individuals in the community is one of my favorite things about our ‘The Why’ series. Last week we sat down to chat with the owners of Nekter Juice Bar in Frisco and y’all…. this is hands down one of the CUTEST family owned businesses.

The Fairey family decided to call Frisco home after searching all over the great state of Texas for that ‘it’ factor community. During their travels, Frisco just happened to be the place that they kept coming back to, mainly because it just felt like home.

Upon finding their forever home, they made the decision to become involved in a company that made a positive impact on each and every customer. That’s where Nekter Juice Bar comes in to play. Ashton’s father had cancer several years ago and as a family they helped him through his battle with cancer by changing their diet and introducing fresh pressed juices into everyday life. While this may seem like a small change, they saw a major impact! Making these adjustments not only improved his overall health but, more importantly, it started breaking up her father’s cancer cells even before he started treatment! Sticking to this diet and incorporating juicing into his routine allowed him to not be as severely impacted by the radiation and chemotherapy treatments, and ultimately put the cancer in remission.

When the Fairey’s were sharing this story with me it brought back the memories of my own grandfather who struggled with cancer and also saw a positive improvement from incorporating juicing into the treatment plan (One incredible example of this was being able to stand and take on stairs on his own after being wheelchair bound for a significant length of time). The power of introducing juicing into everyday life is evident, and something that we just now started scratching the surface of!

The passion their family brings to juicing is what makes their stores so much more than ‘just another juicery’. In fact, you’ll also find many of the Fairey family personally working behind the counter!

Nekter Juice Bar has two locations in Frisco (Eldorado & Custer and Teel & Main) and also offers a variety of fast healthy menu options such as smoothies and bowls. Safety is a top priority and while you can always go into their store to order, they also have online and app ordering available. If you find yourself heading their way soon, don’t forget to download the Nekter Loyalty App and earn 3 points per every $1 spent (which adds up fast for free drinks)!

To summarize, whether you are looking for a cleanse, catering or just a fast meal on the go – consider choosing the wholesome, family operated Nekter Juice Bar nearby!

Thank you so much for partnering with us for ‘The Why’ series! I personally loved getting to meet the whole entire family and hear about y’alls true passion for juicing!


I'm Breshell, a travel blogger based out of Frisco, Texas capturing family-friendly luxury travel around the city of Frisco and beyond!

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