‘The Why’: XscapePain + FASTerWay to Fat Loss

I couldn’t think of a better way to start 2021 than to get to meet with two incredible local businesses for our ‘The Why’ series! XscapePain and FASTerWay to Fat Loss teamed up to bring you the ultimate package to make 2021 your best year yet! 

Andre, the owner of XscapePain, has been a Frisco community member since 2003. (For those of you that are new to Frisco, this was back when Frisco only had ONE stop light!) Seeing the love this community has for one another he knew this was the perfect location to open up XscapePain at an affordable price range. 

XscapePain is red light therapy used to treat injuries, reduce pain, relax muscles/joints, and increase blood circulation. They have two different techniques they use in order to achieve the best results. The first technique is a red light therapy bed that is used to treat the whole body. (Fun fact: I’ve done a red light therapy bed in the past to help increase circulation! I used to have THE WORST cold hands and feet however after a few sessions my circulation increased which allowed my hands and feet to stay warm.) The second technique is a red light probe which is used more as a spot treatment. This spot treatment is perfect for targeting specific areas such as your neck, wrists, lower back, ect. 

So who is this kind of treatment for? Red light therapy has been commonly used in the sports field for years now to help speed up an athlete’s recovery time as it decreases inflammation and stimulates the healing process. If you’ve been suffering from joint pain, looking for a surgery alternative or wanting to increase recovery time – this is for you! 

But why speed up recovery time if you have nothing to recover from? That’s where Claudia from FASTerWay to Fat Loss comes into play! Being a wife and a busy mom she understands the struggles of trying to balance the responsibilities of being a wife, mom, working, juggling schedules, getting dinner on the table and meeting the needs of the family. With all this already on her plate she was left with very little energy and time for herself. She knew something had to change as it was important to her to increase her energy, fuel herself + family properly, stay healthy and fit while also dropping a few pounds in the process. FASTerWay allowed her to do all of that and continue to do so without spending hours upon hours in the gym. 

FASTer Way to Fat Loss made the 2020 Inc.5000 list at # 55 for all industries and #1 for the fastest growing digital fitness PLUS nutrition company! FWTFL is the most comprehensive and effective program like this on the market where you have meal guides, workouts AND nutrition all in one program (an app that contains the needed resources)at a flat rate of $199 for 6 weeks. Your coaching experience is personalized and you are educated on each of the foundational pillars of the program so you can maintain your journey and progress. Accountability and daily check ins with your small group. No pills, no shakes, no buying into packaged meals, no bull!  

What’s even better is right now FASTer Way to Fat Loss and XscapePain have teamed up to bring you a 6 week program at a discounted rate of only $379! (Valued at $450) This program includes 12 Red Light Therapy Sessions, weekly meal plans, daily 30 min workouts, carb cycling, intermittent fasting, tracking macros, community AND support! Combining the red light therapy with an exercise program will not only increase your recovery time but it can also help shave an entire 3.5-5.17 inches off waist and hip circumference by reducing the fat mass layer in just four weeks of use. If you’ve been searching for a program that can yield real results while teaching you how you maintain it with your lifestyle – this is it. 

Thank you so much Andre and Claudia for partnering with us for our ‘The Why’ series! We are so grateful to have you a part of our community! 


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