The Best Things to do with Toddlers in Frisco Texas

After searching high and low for things to do with toddlers in Frisco, Texas (specifically those that can walk but aren’t quite old enough to be enrolled in true ‘classes’ or find enjoyment in museums) I’m putting together a list of my own! It seems as though the majority of lists that are currently out there aren’t updated from everything that happened in 2020 leaving them well….simply not helpful. I plan on constantly updating this list as I find new adventures so keep this page bookmarked!

Updated June 4th, 2022

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Cheeky Monkeys

  • This is one of our favorite places to visit! They have two different pass options on weekdays (all day vs one hour) and only the one hour pass on weekends. This 5 story soft playground is everything a little ones need to gain coordination and use those muscles for a long nap afterwards! Bonus: They also have a coffee bar inside!
  • Location: Plano, Fairview, Fort Worth
  • Cost: $12.99+

Urban Air

  • While there is no dedicated ‘tot’ area, they do have a ‘jumperoo’ time on Friday’s from 10-12pm! *NOT DURING THE SUMMER*
  • Location: Frisco, Texas
  • Cost: $11.99+

The Cove

  • While summer is so exciting to have all the swim parks open, I have a very fair skinned baby and the thought of being outside too long in the sun is kind of terrifying. Thank goodness for The Cove! This indoor waterpark is open year-round and has a dedicated tot area. Preschool swim is Mondays and Thursdays from 9-11am during the non-summer months and beginning June 6th is Mondays and Thursdays from 8-10am.
  • Location: Little Elm, Texas
  • Cost: Free for CoveMembers and $5 for nonmembers

Patios at the Rail

  • This is my favorite spot to grab a coffee at La Finca and head up stairs to the second floor patio to let the tots run around!
  • Location: Frisco, Texas
  • Cost: FREE

Prosper Playhouse & Boutique

  • Would not recommend for children – especially under the age of 4! Upon going to this new playhouse I was very excited as I love anything softplay and indoors. Walking in you immediately notice how there were many new things that I haven’t seen at an indoor playground and was excited to take a look at it. I wanted to give this a glowing review however there were many items that I just couldn’t overlook so I’ll leave them here: 1) it was very dimly lit meaning if you were a parent observing from the outside you probably couldn’t find your child and even while climbing through it made it more challenging at times 2) there were MANY 2″+ spaces between flooring mats specifically on upper levels (so big that I could fit my foot/hand between them meaning that any little foot/arm could get caught) 3) it was really dirty – on the upper levels you could just see piles of dust on the outside of the play area from potentially years of buildup 4) the designated tot area was so dark you could barely see and just filled with plastic toy houses you could find at Walmart and lastly 5) the steps while verticle climbing were about 2ft tall meaning that Remi couldn’t climb them by herself and if she stumbled it would be a TERRIBLE fall.
  • Location: Prosper, Texas

Frisco Library

  • One of the most unexpected places to find extreme fun is right here at the Frisco Library! Remi and I went this week to check it out (get it?! so punny) and we were SO pleasantly surprised! Located within the Frisco City Hall (for now – the new library is under construction and can read more about it here) this multilevel library is filled with not only books but 3-D printing, a dedicated 5 & Under Play area and so much more. Be sure to check out the events they have for all ages and put this FREE spot on your list to visit asap!
  • Location: Frisco, Texas
  • Cost: FREE

Preston Trail Community Church Indoor Playground

  • Growing up I remember spending SO much time at our church’s indoor playground yet they don’t seem to be as common as they were back in the day. However, that doesn’t mean that they don’t exist! Preston Trail Community Church has a FREE indoor playground at their Frisco campus with community hours of Mon-Thurs 10 am – 2 pm, Friday 10 am – 1 pm, Saturday Closed and Sunday from 8:45 am – 12:30 pm. This special playground is for children 10 years and younger and adult supervision is required at all times.
  • Location: Frisco, Texas
  • Cost: FREE

Play Street Museum

  • I feel like this is one of the more common tot spots as they are a franchise with many locations throughout DFW. We personally haven’t visited yet because there aren’t any locations in Frisco proper but it is on my list! I’m including more information about them here for you to check them out.
  • Location: McKinney, Texas and Plano, Texas
  • Cost: $13+

Dino Kidz

  • If you are in Allen this has to be your go-to spot! This indoor playground is specifically designed for the younger ones specifically ages 10 months – 7 years. Hours change weekly for open play sessions and they typically close for private birthday parties on Saturday but you can keep up with their calendar by clicking here!
  • Location: Allen, Texas
  • Cost: $12.99+

Check back often to see new places added!


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