Baby Must Haves

Wow oh wow what a whirl wind these past two weeks have been! We went from me being very pregnant to new parents *literally* over night (all puns intended). With that being said I wanted to share the baby products that are a must have!

In no particular order

  1. The Boppy – This has to be the number one most common registry item because it is the biggest back and arm saver when holding and nursing baby. We actually have two of them so that we can have one in each room!
  2. Uppababy Vista Stroller – We call this stroller the Maserati of strollers as it is definitely more of a luxury item. However, it has an incredible turn radius that can be done with just one hand! It also has the easiest lock and go system when interchanging the carseat and bassinet which makes this purchase one of my favorites. The Vista stroller comes with a basinet as well as a toddler seat and has the capability to hold up to three children. So this stroller will be our lifetime stroller for all the kiddos.
  3. Mesa Uppababy Infant Carseat – This is the Uppababy infant carseat that directly attaches to the stroller. It’s also incredibly light weight!
  4. MamaRoo – Just go ahead and buy this right now. This product is something that we use everyday as it’s a safe place to put baby when you need your two hands! With 5 motion patterns and 5 sound options this app controlled baby swing is a moms best friend.
  5. Luna Motif Pump – I’ll be the first one to admit that I wasn’t sure about pumping or the need for pumping however – after a few cluster feedings I’ve never loved pumping more! The Luna is the powerful breast pump from Motif Medical, built for modern motherhood and covered by insurance.
  6. Boppy Infant Lounger – We purchased this two days after we came home from the hospital as we needed something that kept her a little more propped up than the dock-a-tot as she loves to be able to look around. The Infant Lounger is perfect for providing a portable, snug and safe place to put baby.
  7. Burp Cloths – Need I say more? You really can’t ever have too many of them.
  8. Hatch Sound Machine – This has been a game changer at night! We crank up the white noise and baby Remi only wakes up once during the night to feed which is a total win in our books! It also has a great night light and a variety of other features that I’m sure we will use as time goes on.
  9. Dock-a-Tot – While the Infant Lounger and Dock-a-Tot might seem like repetitive options they most certainly are both needed. The infant lounger is not for sleeping where as the Dock-a-Tot is. The Dock-a-Tot will also be something that Remi can grow into vs the Infant Lounger being something that she grows out of.
  10. MAM Bottle – So I’m going to list two different types of bottles as the best suggestion we received was to buy 1 bottle from these three companies to see which one she likes best vs buying only 1 type of bottle and her hating them all. The MAM bottles are ones that she loves as it has a slow drip.
  11. Commo Tommo Bottle – This is what we call the space age bottle as the nipple is to resemble the breast. Remi also loves this bottle!
  12. Dr. Brown’s Bottle Warmer – This appliance heats up milk in under 5 min and to the prefect temperature every time!
  13. Dr. Brown’s Sterilizer – It’s very important to keep bottles (and all the parts) clean and this sterilizer has helped that process.
  14. Milk Storage Bags – Nobody ever told us what exactly you do with the milk you just pumped so in the beginning we were definitely unprepared. I ordered these storage bags on Amazon and they’ve been great!
  15. Rocking Chair – Connor say in probably over 25 different rocking chairs until he found the perfect one and this is it. It’s oversized, swivels and fully reclines to be able to fit both you and babies needs.
  16. Diaper Bag – We went with a diaper backpack instead of a traditional diaper bag as I wanted something that was truly going to be functional. This is the diaper backpack that we chose and so far it has been perfect!
  17. Pacifier – Pretty self explanatory but this is the one that Remi likes the most – which I’m super happy about as it’s the cutest one!
  18. Owlet Sock – Once again… buy this right now. This foot sock monitors their heart rate and oxygen levels throughout the night while they are sleeping which brings you peace of mind that everything is okay.
  19. Finger Nail Electric File – This was one of the first things recommended to me as a little known fun fact is that baby nails grow SO FAST. This electric file allows you to gently trim baby’s nails without worrying about cutting their little fingers.
  20. Mitten Onesies – Piggybacking off of the finger nails, another thing that is super common in babies is the fact that they like to scratch themselves (unintentionally). We tried mittens however they didn’t really stay on/they sometimes turned her hands purple which is obviously not good. I found these onesies on Amazon that had little flaps to cover her hands and they have been perfect!
  21. Ubbi Diaper Pale – Pretty self explanatory as we use this multiple times per day. The reason we went with this one vs a traditional diaper genie is the functionality + style (it has multiple color options).
  22. Blooming Baby Blooming Bath – First of all, this item is the cutest. Secondly it helps keep baby snug when giving a bath! This is perfect for the sink or to pair with an infant bather.
  23. Boppy Preferred Head and Neck Support – This is something that we transfer from stroller to mamaroo to Dock-a-Tot as it’s function is to prevent flat head and provide additional support to the head and neck.
  24. Boudreaux’s Butt Paste – This is the ultimate diaper rash cream.
  25. Stroller Organizer – This organizer snaps on to the handle bars of the stroller and allows you to keep what you need close to you and hands free. You can store your wallet, keys, chapstick, extra pacifier, drink ect in it and you won’t have to dig around in a bag during check out.
  26. Backseat Car Mirror – So far I’ve ridden in the back with Remi whenever we’ve gone places however we still have this car mirror installed for when the time comes that she is in the backseat by herself.
  27. Angel Care Baby Bath – This is an infant bather that *surprisingly* fits into our kitchen sink. It’s ergonomically design allows water to drain easily and dry quickly while also providing comfort and safety, with soft-touch material that is gentle on baby’s delicate skin.
  28. Hooded Towels – Self explanatory. Note that you don’t need 50 of these just a handful will do.
  29. Pacifier teething clips – Because they spit them out only to want them back.
  30. Aleavia Body Wash – This isn’t your typical baby body wash however it’s one of my personal favorites for baby (and me)! This all natural wash acts as a prebiotic biostimulant; nourishing healthy microbes on the skin. As enzymatic activity is stimulated at the cellular level, the skin naturally reveals a healthy, radiant complexion.
  31. Sock Drawer Organizer – Okay, let me explain. While this is technically a sock drawer organizer – we use it as a onesie holder! I knew from the beginning that I did not want to be worrying about folding a million onesies and trying to keep them organized in a drawer so I took this sock drawer organizer and made it into a onesie organizer! Now all we do is simply roll the onesies and stick them in their own little spot. 48 onesies always organized and always viewable.
  32. Baby Hangers – You just need these too.
  33. Changing Pad – We love this changing pad! It’s comfy, big (but not too big), has side support and a seat belt!
  34. Changing Pad Covers – You need these.
  35. Changing Pad Station – We put this on top of our dresser which is the perfect height to be able to change diapers with ease. It also provides an area to store all your diaper changing supplies.
  36. Drying Rack – You’ll use this more than you think.
  37. Ergobaby – This is similar to the popular Baby Bjorn carrier however we liked the versatility and price point of this one better.
  38. Solly Baby – So Connor’s carrier is the Ergobaby while my carrier is the Solly Baby! This cloth wrap can be intimidating at first as it’s one long piece of fabric that you do origami with to strap baby to you however it’s quite comfortable for both you and baby.
  39. Drying Rack Tree – This goes along with the drying rack but is perfect to put bottle nipples, caps and other small pieces that need to dry.
  40. Milestone Blanket – While this is definitely not an essential survival item it is one that falls into the essential sentimental item. This growth blanket allows you to photographically chart the growth of baby weekly and monthly – it’s a must have for those who love photos!

And that wraps up my 40 baby must haves! All of these items we use multiple times a day, at least once a day or every other day. I know for us it was very overwhelming trying to figure out what we did and didn’t need for baby as the market is definitely over saturated with any and all things for every little need. I hope this list helps you narrow down your list of  of baby essentials! 


I'm Breshell, a travel blogger based out of Frisco, Texas capturing family-friendly luxury travel around the city of Frisco and beyond!

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